Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Successful Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition Election Rally in Hanley

On Thurs 21st April TUSC held an election Rally in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. One third of those present were non Socialist party members with trade unions PCS, Unison, NUT, GMB, CWU Postal and CWU Romec represented.

TUSC candidate for Meir North Andy Bentley spoke at the meeting and Sunara from Coventry highlighted the work being done in Coventry and explained how having Dave Nellist as a figurehead helps to bring the profile of the Socialist Party into the public eye.

Andy stressed the need for a new workers party to represent the working class and that TUSC was a small but significant step to achieving that. He explained how the TUSC candidates all stood on a platform of no to all cuts and would, if elected, fight to achieve that in the councils across Britain. He highlighted the fact that the Labour Party no longer listened to the working class and if elected they would still carry out cuts maybe slower but inevitably the working class would suffer however slow it was done.

The discussion was very positive and concentrated on developing a strategy to defeat cuts. A PCS rep spoke about the need for a nation wide public sector strike. Everyone in the room agreed and pledged to talk to their workmates about voting for strike action. It was also agreed that we needed to get the private sector involved.

An ex-miner, who was one of the youngest NUM members nationally to strike for twelve months in the 1984/85 strike, explained how he had been a Labour Party activist for many years but had recently left in disgust and that he wanted to join the Socialist Party – which he did after the meeting.

This is our greatest opportunity so far to get the name of TUSC against cuts firmly in the minds of working class people. We are pushing every Socialist Party member and other activists to be on the street knocking on doors and speaking to people. We have an excellent record of fighting for the rights of people in our area, so we'll be telling them about the campaigning stalls we have done, about the council lobbies and the marches we have organised. We will make it clear that that we don’t just show our faces at election time but that we are campaigning every week.