Monday, 4 April 2011


OK people – how can YOU help the six
candidates standing across Stoke-on-Trent?
The full impact of the savage cuts that the Con-Dem government want to inflict on working class people is now becoming clearer. Make no mistake YOU nor anyone else will escape their slash & burn policies.
We stand on the verge of being pushed back to the 1930's with a lost generation of youth with no hope of a decent job or home.
Tory Minister, Andrew Lansley says he wants 80% of the NHS privatised and there are similar plans for education, local government, Royal Mail and other public services.
Tens of thousands of workers across Britain, including some of our branch members, are being forced to re-apply for their jobs and even if successful only get a fixed term contract lasting a few months.
Never before in living memory has the need been greater to FIGHT for;
  • Decent jobs & services
  • A future for young people
  • A decent pension when you retire
  • Decent benefits if you are unemployed or disabled
The marvellous TUC demonstration gave a glimpse of the potential power of the organised working class. Our demand for a 24 hour public sector general strike gained a real echo on the march and needs to be pushed further.

But the political struggle across our communities is also of vital importance. That's why as part of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) we will be standing over 150 TUSC candidates across Britain in the local elections on 5 May.

TUSC candidates will oppose all cuts in words & deeds and therefore will form an important part of an anti-cuts movement that can potentially DEFEAT this government's attacks.

In Stoke-on-Trent we will be standing an unprecedented six TUSC candidates. They are;
  • Neil Singh, as a CWU organiser, is striving to build and in some cases rebuild union organisation in the workplace and has much experience of our previous election campaigns.
  • Claire Vodrey works at the Department of Work & Pensions in Hanley and is a key PCS activist in a union which is among the most militant in the trade union movement.
  • Matt Wright is the Youth Officer of his Unison health branch and has played a leading role in the formation of North Staffs Against Cuts - officially launched on 26 January 2011. Matt was also the TUSC candidate for Stoke Central at last years general election.
  • Postal worker Jane Mellalieu was key in the struggle for reinstatement of the victimised Burslem postal workers. When this dispute first broke out at Burslem Delivery Office it was Jane who called for an immediate walk out. This laid the basis for five weeks of all out strike action, a march into Hanley and later a national CWU march through Burslem. This led to a partial victory with eight of the sacked twelve getting their jobs back. Jane has previously stood as Socialist Party candidate in the Burslem area.
  • Liat Norris is on the Student Council at Staffs University where he has led Socialist Students events and is also the Youth Fight for Jobs & Education local organiser. Liat has also played an important role in building North Staffs Against Cuts.
  • Andy Bentley - Socialist Party North Midlands Organiser who has campaigned for the interests of ordinary working class people in Stoke-on-Trent for more than 25 years and was the Spokesperson of the Potteries Anti-Poll Tax Federation.
No other political party in Stoke-on-Trent can match the accumulated experience and quality of our six candidates in actually fighting AGAINST government cuts, council cuts or in defending workers jobs, pay and conditions.
We aim to take the idea of a Socialist fight back against cuts to tens of thousands of people across the city and beyond.
But to achieve this we need YOUR help!

Can you do any of the following?
  • put a vote TUSC poster in your window?
  • deliver leaflets in your area?
  • help out on or organise a campaigning stall?
  • make a financial contribution, no matter how big or small?
  • help us knock on doors discussing the case to vote TUSC and to FIGHT AGAINST cuts?

If you can do any of the above or want to discuss any other ways that you can help
then please
call Matt on 07817772531 or Andy 07845893607