Monday, 7 January 2013

Public Meeting to Launch TUSC Staffordshire Election Campaign

Local Elections May 2013

TUSC standing candidates to
Fight Against Cuts!
Speakers include;
Dave Nellist - a real Socialist MP who took only the average workers wage and others from NUT, Unison, CWU
TUSC banner pic
Mon 14 January 2013 – 7.30pm
Holy Trinity Community Centre, London Rd (A34)
Newcastle, Staffs ST5 1LQ

* * * * * All Welcome * * * * *
Workers Fighting Against Cuts Need a Political Voice!
It’s becoming increasingly clear that all the main political parties in Britain – Tory, Lib Dem and Labour – support an endless diet of cuts, outsourcing, privatisation, wage freezes and anti-trade union laws.
They all agree on the need to try to make ordinary working class people pay for an economic crisis created by big business, top bankers and successive governments.
Millions in Britain no longer have a mass political party to defend their interests.
The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) aims to bring trade unionists, socialists and anti-cuts campaigners together to stand candidates at elections who are committed to representing working-class interests.
Trade union resistance to the cuts is vital, but we also need a political alternative to the policies of cuts and privatisation. TUSC believes that a new working-class party is needed that campaigns for a democratic socialist society run in the interests of the millions not the millionaires.
TUSC includes the RMT and leading figures from PCS, NUT, POA and other unions.
PCS members recently voted by 4 to 1 to endorse the union’s political campaigning strategy, and to give the union the authority to stand or support candidates in national elections, in exceptional circumstances, where it would benefit members’ campaigns for jobs, pay, pensions and services.
At the TUSC conference on 22nd September the RMT also called for TUSC to develop a trade union forum to take our message to working people in trade union branches, shop stewards’ committees and throughout the democratic structures of the trade union movement.
Please ask your union branch to invite a TUSC speaker.

Standing TUSC Anti-Cuts Candidates Across Staffordshire in 2013
Staffordshire TUSC supporters are building a team of candidates to stand in the May 2013 local elections. Already, potential candidates – including locally based trade union activists, socialists, community campaigners – have come forward in Newcastle, Leek, Stafford and Burton-on-Trent.
The TUSC Public Meeting in Newcastle on 14 January 2013 will launch our campaign and we invite you to come along to volunteer as a potential candidate, support the campaign or just to find our more about TUSC.
Dave Nellist is our main speaker. Dave has a proud record previously as a real socialist Labour MP and later Coventry Socialist Party councillor. For 9 years as an MP Dave refused to accept all his Parliamentary salary and instead lived on the average wage of working class people in Coventry.
Along with other Socialists, Dave was expelled from the Labour Party as it lurched further to the right to become a party fundamentally no different to the Tories. Dave is now a national coordinator of TUSC.