Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fleetwood TUSC candidate gets 27 percent in town council by-election

THE Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate Ray Smith won 27% of the vote in last Thursday’s by-election for the Rossall ward of FleetwoodTown council in Lancashire.

GMB union member Ray stood to oppose the Tory-Liberal government destroying public services and led a campaign to keep the local hospital open. Ray used to be a Labour councillor (from 1995-1999) but joined TUSC because Labour was not defending working and vulnerable people.

As one of Ray’s supporters said to TUSC election campaigners: “There’s a lot of anxiety at the savage attack on people living in poverty, with disabilities, in fact all vulnerable people, by the Coalition government. I feel so disillusioned that Ed Miliband is not standing up for us or challenging David Cameron on his attack on the poor. Amnesty have condemned the Coalition for their attack on the disabled. Why can’t Ed Miliband?”
The election result was close, with the Conservatives getting 330 votes, the independent candidate 287, and TUSC 235. Ray was just 95 votes short of winning.

Ray said: "This is a good and positive result. It is very encouraging for TUSC and something for members to work on for future elections, when TUSC should field as many candidates as possible". Plans are now being made to raise the profile of TUSC in Fleetwood by building a local group and producing a local newsletter.

Ray added: "The people of Fleetwood have really given the mainstream parties something to think about and we intend to build on this".

September 26 - Fleetwood Town council, Rossall ward:

Conservative 330; Independent 287; TUSC 235 (27.6%)