Saturday, 9 November 2013

TUSC Baddeley, Milton and Norton by election update: ONLY FIVE DAYS TO GO!

Much has been done through the hard work of a small number of TUSC supporters so far in our election campaign. This includes;
  • John travelling straight from his workplace at Stafford Hospital to leaflet in Baddeley Green and Norton 
  • Matt leafleting before going to work and after finishing work whilst helping to look after a new baby just weeks old.
  • Our candidate Liat is using his holidays to campaign most days this and next week
  • Stuart has travelled from Crewe to help and Jim from Stafford
  • Tony after his shift working in Crewe
  • Ex postal worker Jane who is now retired through ill health has leafleted all the streets around where she lives in the ward and will be doing so again with our second leaflet
  • Ritchie, who works and has four children, has done a campaigning stall in Milton and has promised to do some leafleting next week
We have received a very good response on our campaign stalls and our second leaflet is now being delivered to homes across the ward.

As we predicted most of the other nine candidates have not even mentioned the council's planned £100 million cuts over the next four years and those that have make no mention of fighting to stop them!
Only TUSC is putting forward a fighting programme based around a Needs Budget to save much needed jobs and services from cuts, closure or privatisation.

We want to get as many votes as possible to send a clear message to the Labour controlled council that enough is enough. With £77 million worth of cuts already carried out another £100 million will devastate what council jobs and services remain.
The most important thing we need now is others to help out with leafleting, campaigning stalls etc in the last 5 days up to and including election day next Thursday 14 November.
So, if you haven't been able to help so far can you commit an hour or two over the next week? YOUR help could potentially make a big difference.
Please get in touch asap by calling or texting TUSC Election Agent Andy on 07845893607