Saturday, 9 November 2013

TUSC’s Liat Norris says No to massive fees hike at Keele Uni!

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate in the Baddeley, Milton and Norton by election condemns Keele University’s massive hike in fees for postgraduates.


TUSC candidate, Liat Norris, had this to say after standing shoulder to shoulder with Keele students campaigning against this backward step.

Young people currently face a barrage of attacks from this government and this system – shutting down any path to a decent future. From the path of work where the lack of decent jobs has resulted in a million unemployed youth, whilst those working get lumbered with exploitative zero-hour contracts – to the path of education, where the increase in fees and cutting of EMA has resulted in an education system many young people simply cannot afford to access.
Today, Keele University decided to further shut down access to education for working class youth by deciding to increase fees for their postgraduate courses by up to a massive 54%. This further reinforces the idea peddled by the government that university should be the playground of the elite – a place working class youth don’t belong. This includes many young people in Baddeley Green, Milton, Norton and across Stoke-on-Trent. This is why I joined the protest of Keele students today, and will continue to vigorously oppose his measure.  
This represents just one of the many attacks on working class youth supported by the Labour, Tory, LibDem mainstream. That’s why I’m standing as a TUSC candidate in the upcoming Baddeley, Milton and Norton by-election, and why we will be standing widely across Newcastle in the 2014 local elections – to build an alternative political party that will not pander to the rich and big business but that will fight for working class people and our interests!”