Friday, 28 February 2014

As Stoke and Newcastle Councils continue with cuts, TUSC continues the fight AGAINST CUTS! (Includes VIDEO)

TUSC supporters led by TUSC candidate Ritchie Steele had a busy day today starting with a very good campaign stall in Newcastle town centre.

Both young and older people signed our petition calling on Newcastle Borough Council to take over Youth Services in the area if Staffordshire County Council decide to slash them. Many people also signed our petition against Zero Hour contracts.

TUSC 2014 Ritchie on stall 1TUSC 2014 Ritchie on stall 2
ITUSC 2014 stall a

In the afternoon we moved on to the anti-cuts protest organised by North Staffs Against Cuts which brought together trade unionists and community campaigners. The protest was against the latest savage cuts being carried out by Stoke-on-Trent’s Labour council – £21 million this year as the first instalment of £100 million over the next four years. This on top of the £77 million worth of cuts they have already carried out on behalf of the Con Dem government.

These relentless cuts imposed by the government and meekly carried out by Labour councils across the country explain exactly why TUSC will be providing the biggest left-of-Labour trade unionist and socialist challenge in local council elections for generations.
TUSC 2014 anti cuts protest a

Above and below – TUSC organisers Andy Bentley and Matt Wright with Summer – probably the youngest TUSC supporter ever! - at the anti-cuts protest against Stoke City Council

VIDEO - Matt Wright explains what Stoke-on-Trent city council could do INSTEAD of carrying out savage cuts (about one minute in)   


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

TUSC supporters protesting outside tonight's Newcastle Labour council's cuts budget setting meeting

TUSC supporters protesting tonight against Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough's Labour Council cuts budget

Newcastle Labour councillors are in denial! According to them they are not carrying out cuts they are making "efficiency savings".

One councillor told us that if cuts carry on year on year we will end up like the Ukraine but still wasn't prepared to make a stand against cuts!

If you want a fight against cuts instead come to the TUSC campaign meeting on Friday night - 7pm in the Holy Trinity Community Centre, Grosvenor Road off  London Road (A34), Newcastle ST5 1LQ
ALL WELCOME - free car park at the rear

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It’s time for ACTION AGAINST CUTS Mr Farrelly not just words!

In today’s Sentinel Newcastle-under-Lyme Labour MP Paul Farrelly says, “It’s time we told our councils we won’t stand for more cuts”.      Read full article here ……….. 

These are welcome words indeed from Paul Farrelly but words alone won’t stop cuts. It would be an important step forward IF he actually tells Newcastle Borough’s Labour Council that HE ‘won’t stand for more cuts’ in HIS own constituency.

It would be even better IF he turns up to support the anti-cuts protest against the £2.1 million worth of cuts that Newcastle’s Labour Borough Council are aiming to rubber stamp tomorrow night.

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) supporters will be protesting against Newcastle Borough Council’s cuts to jobs and services from 6.30pm tomorrow outside Newcastle Council building, Merrial St, Newcastle.


Staffordshire County Council is planning to slash £4.5 million from youth services funding across Newcastle and Staffordshire. 120 trained youth service workers face the sack and all 38 youth centres including many across Newcastle could be closed. These cuts would have a devastating effect on young people, parents, carers and communities in which young people live, study, volunteer and work.

TUSC 2014 Kidsgrove Save Youth Services
Campaigning outside the shops in Kidsgrove today
Socialist Party members and TUSC supporters were out in the centre of Newcastle last Saturday and today in Kidsgrove we received an excellent response to our campaign against the threat to our Youth services.
  • We call on Staffordshire County Council to stop this attack on our young people and protect jobs and youth services instead.
  • We also call on Newcastle Borough Council to a) put maximum pressure on the County Council to stop their plans and b) to pledge that no youth centres in Newcastle will be closed.
  • Newcastle council should call on other district, town and parish councils across the county to do the same.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Good response to TUSC fight against cuts in Newcastle               

TUSC Newcastle stall 1
TUSC supporters were out in Newcastle today campaigning against the closure of Adult Day Care Centres and against Zero Hour contracts. Many signed our petition and agreed with us standing anti-cuts candidates in Newcastle in May’s local elections.
TUSC 2014 Newcastle stall 2
Friday 28 FebTUSC Campaign Meeting
7pm at Holy Trinity Community Centre, London Rd, Newcastle ST5 1LQ (car park at rear via Grosvenor Rd off the A34)              ALL WELCOME

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Newcastle TUSC Campaign meeting - all welcome!

We will be delivering leaflets and posters, knocking on doors, doing campaign stalls, organising public meetings and protests etc across Newcastle. Below are details of our plans over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to check out this list of events regularly as we will be updating it as more events are confirmed.
Tues 18 Feb – campaign stall outside CO-OP in Silverdale at 10am

Sat 22 Feb – campaign stall in Wolstanton at 10am

outside Newcastle Council Building, Merrial St, Newcastle at 6.30pm. Newcastle Borough’s Labour Council will be meeting to vote for cuts of £2.1 million this year with more to follow and we will be there to tell them that it’s time to stop these endless cuts and fight back instead.

outside Stoke Civic Centre at 4.30pm. Labour controlled Stoke-on-Trent City Council will be meeting to vote for another £21 million worth of cuts. Join with us to tell them these savage cuts need to stop.
Friday 28 FebTUSC Campaign Meeting
7pm at Holy Trinity Community Centre, London Rd, Newcastle ST5 1LQ (car park at rear via Grosvenor Rd off the A34)              ALL WELCOME
  • If you can help the TUSC NO MORE CUTS Campaign in any way or if you just want more info please call/text Andy on 07845893607 or email us at
  • Maybe you have got ideas on how we can get the TUSC NO MORE CUTS message out to more local people? If so get in touch to let us know.

VIDEO – Southampton Rebel Councillor Keith Morrell at TUSC Candidates Conference

Southampton rebel councillor Keith Morrell addressed the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Local Elections 2014 conference on the subject of launching the TUSC challenge in May’s council elections.

He spoke just as Ed Miliband was announcing the details of what he called ‘the most fundamental changes to Labour’s structures since its formation’.

Click here for more…

Monday, 10 February 2014

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Elections 22 May

We are pleased to announce that Unite NHS Branch Secretary Steve Wheeler has joined our group of TUSC candidates who will be standing for a fight against cuts on 22 May.

If you want to stand as a council candidate in Newcastle under the TUSC umbrella in May, a candidate application form is available at .

Or if you would like more informtion about standing as a TUSC candidate or helping our campaign then you can also get in touch locally by calling/texting 07845893607

Sheffield kicks off TUSC election year with 7.6% by-election vote.

The only party workers smiling at the Sheffield council Arbourthorne ward by-election count on Thursday 6 February were the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) campaigners. See more at ........