Friday, 28 February 2014

As Stoke and Newcastle Councils continue with cuts, TUSC continues the fight AGAINST CUTS! (Includes VIDEO)

TUSC supporters led by TUSC candidate Ritchie Steele had a busy day today starting with a very good campaign stall in Newcastle town centre.

Both young and older people signed our petition calling on Newcastle Borough Council to take over Youth Services in the area if Staffordshire County Council decide to slash them. Many people also signed our petition against Zero Hour contracts.

TUSC 2014 Ritchie on stall 1TUSC 2014 Ritchie on stall 2
ITUSC 2014 stall a

In the afternoon we moved on to the anti-cuts protest organised by North Staffs Against Cuts which brought together trade unionists and community campaigners. The protest was against the latest savage cuts being carried out by Stoke-on-Trent’s Labour council – £21 million this year as the first instalment of £100 million over the next four years. This on top of the £77 million worth of cuts they have already carried out on behalf of the Con Dem government.

These relentless cuts imposed by the government and meekly carried out by Labour councils across the country explain exactly why TUSC will be providing the biggest left-of-Labour trade unionist and socialist challenge in local council elections for generations.
TUSC 2014 anti cuts protest a

Above and below – TUSC organisers Andy Bentley and Matt Wright with Summer – probably the youngest TUSC supporter ever! - at the anti-cuts protest against Stoke City Council

VIDEO - Matt Wright explains what Stoke-on-Trent city council could do INSTEAD of carrying out savage cuts (about one minute in)