Monday, 31 March 2014


An excellent mid day turn out today of Probation Officers on their demonstration outside their office on Festival Park. They are angry and are fighting back against the government's attempt to dismantle the important service they provide.

The government's austerity measures are affecting millions of working class people. We are all being forced to pay for an economic crisis created by top bankers, big business and successive governments.

This while the rich carry on getting richer! Workers need to support each other when fighting back.

Probation Officers will be on strike again tomorrow from 8am onwards. Please do your best to visit the picket line to pass on your support for their fight.
If you have a union banner bring it along.

How to find it? Turn off the A53 onto Forge Lane where the Sentinel Office is on Festival Park. Drive past the Sentinel Office and the Probation Office building is about 200 yards on the right.

Napo strikers in Gravesend
Napo strikers in Gravesend   (Click to enlarge)

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