Friday, 28 March 2014


TUSC local election candidate Ritchie Steele, who lives in Silverdale, led the TUSC election team in today. We set up our campaign stall outside the Co-op and explained to local people about the need to stop the £1.2 billion NHS sell-off in Stoke, Newcastle and the rest of Staffordshire and why we will be standing candidates across the country to fight against all the cuts which this government is implementing. 

Many people congratulated us on our stand. “It’s about time somebody said no to cuts. We can’t expect Labour to do anything  about it. All they do is just carry out the cuts for the Tories” one woman told us. 
Most people we spoke to hadn’t heard of TUSC before – they have now! Over 60 people signed our petition and took away leaflets. Many made a small donation of a £1 coin or more to our campaign fund which in total added up to around £20. This money will help us to pay for more leaflets, posters, petitions etc.
While Ritchie and Matt were speaking to people on our campaign stall two other TUSC supporters delivered over 500 leaflets to homes on Parksite estate.
Tomorrow we will take our TUSC anti-cuts campaign stall to Newcastle town centre where we will also be supporting a protest against Zero Hour contracts which is being organised by Youth Fight For Jobs - 10am opposite entrance to Roebuck Shopping Centre