Saturday, 28 June 2014

“No to £1.2 billion NHS sell-off in Staffordshire – 1000 PEOPLE HAVE NOW SIGNED OUR PETITION!        

After stepping up our campaign in the last week over 1000 have now signed up against the government’s attempt to sell-off our local front line NHS services.
On Tuesday morning 24 June our campaign stall was outside Boots in Hanley with TUSC anti-cuts candidate Liat Norris. Many were angry about the attacks on the NHS. One woman told us that “what’s happening in Britain will lead to civil war between the rich and poor!”

TUSC 2014 stall 1
On Friday 27 June we moved on to Newcastle Town Centre with Silverdale & Parksite TUSC Anti-cuts candidate Ritchie Steele.  We received a very good response and we found that more people are now aware of the government’s plan to sell-off cancer care in Staffordshire.
Many people stopped to sign up and talk. Even visitors to Newcastle from as far afield as France and the USA signed the petition!

TUSC 2014 Kidsgrove Save Youth Services
Saturday 28 June – in the morning in Kidsgrove with TUSC Anti-cuts candidate Becky. Despite the wintry conditions loads of people stopped to find out what our campaign was all about.
And everyone we explained to about the sell-off signed our petition.
A number of people said they were glad to see that TUSC was still campaigning on this issue after the local elections. One fella said, “I don’t agree with everything you stand for but at least you are out in all weathers fighting against cuts and privatisation.” 

No to £1.2 bn NHS sell-off 2014 035
And Saturday afternoon outside B & M’s in Hanley with TUSC supporter Tony.
Most people we spoke to here did not know about the government’s plans for local cancer care. But again we got a good response. There were also many young people who came up to our stall to sign up and offer support.
Many also took away our leaflets opposing zero- hour contracts.