Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Burnham says stop HNS privatisation till after the general election – We say stop NHS privatisation full stop!               

Another really positive stall in Longton today. Well over a hundred people coming over to sign our petition against the proposed £1.2 billion sell off of NHS cancer and end of life care services in Staffordshire.
TUSC 2014 July Cancer Not for Sale stall Longton
Thanks to Jamie for the photo

Monday, 28 July 2014

On Saturday 26 July TUSC supporters got an even better response on our Longton campaign stall than the week before! We got about the same number of names on our petition in half the time of the week before.
TUSC 2014 cancer care sell-off Longton 002
At times there were queues forming. Many congratulated us on what we were doing. A fella from Meir told us, “It's about time somebody stood up to this government. It's a crime that the NHS trade union leaders are not doing the same”.

Another bloke graphically summed up the mood of millions across Britain when he blurted out, “Politicians. They want hanging, the lot of them!”

A Longton woman who came up to our stall last week was terrified that she was going to lose her home through bedroom tax and other accumulated arrears. She returned on Saturday to say an emotional thank you to TUSC supporter Denise for the advice that she gave to her. She told us how, by acting on this advice, that the threat of eviction had been prevented.
TUSC 2014 cancer care sell-off Longton 001
Our next Longton stall will take place tomorrow (Tues 29 July) at 10am in the Bennet Prescinct. All those who want to fight against the government's plans to sell-off £1.2 billion worth of cancer care in Staffordshire are welcome to come along and help out with petitioning, leafleting etc. We will be using TUSC petitions/leaflets and Cancer-Not for Profit petitions/leaflets

You can check out Cancer-Not for Profit here;

Saturday, 19 July 2014

We had an excellent response today from people in Longton despite the horrendous weather. It didn't stop raining from when we started our regular TUSC campaign stall to when we finished!
Shoppers signing up in Longton
Over 100 people signed both our TUSC and the Cancer – Not for Profit petitions against the planned sell-off of our local cancer care. Over 300 leaflets were given out with some people taking handfuls to pass around at work or to friends etc.

All four TUSC supporters on the stall , John, Denise, Andy and Matt, were kept busy for most of the time explaining what the government is trying to do and stressing that we need to get organised to fight this biggest privatisation attempt so far of NHS services.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Stoke strike rally to End low Pay!

PCS picket at Hanley Job Centre
Albion Square in Hanley was virtually taken over by workers on strike with large PCS pickets outside the tax office at Blackburn House and at the benefits office at the side of Wilko’s along with Unison members picketing Hanley Town Hall. Many people passing by congratulated strikers for taking a stand.
PCS members also picketed Hanley, Kidsgrove and Longton Job Centres.
There was a large and lively picket of GMB, Unison and Unite members outside Cromer Road Council Depot with passing cars honking support along with many other picket lines including Unison members at the Civic Centre in Stoke.
Later in the day, over one hundred strikers and supporters came together at a colourful and noisy rally outside the Civic Centre in Stoke. The crowd including teachers, fire fighters, council workers, civil servants etc waved union banners, flags and placards as they listened to speakers from all the unions on strike. There was also a Green Party banner and of course our own TUSC banner!
North Staffs DWP branch secretary, Pete Rofe, speaking at the rally explained the crucial need for “an escalation of the action and called on the TUC to name the date for a 24 hour general strike as soon as possible”.
Some Labour councillors joined picket lines and attended the rally to show their support for the strike. This should be welcomed but as one striker told TUSC supporters, "It's no good supporting workers fighting for a decent pay increase while they are sacking local council workers and slashing our public services".
A young postal worker who came up to the TUSC campaign stall agreed to stand as a TUSC candidate at next May's council elections and others were very interested in finding out more about TUSC's policies.
TUSC supporters along with Socialist Party members gave out hundreds of leaflets at picket lines, at the rally and to members of the public which stressed the need to “Build for a 24-general strike”. You can check out that leaflet at   http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/txt/326.pdf
10 July 2014 public sector strike rally pic 210 July 2014 public sector strike rally pic 1

Monday, 7 July 2014



Fight Cuts, Back strikes, Vote TUSC

The “END LOW PAY” piece below is taken from  Socialist Party leaflet for this Thursday’s strike action. There is also a link to a more in depth article from this week’s Socialist explaining why it’s so important that we build for the strike and get our message across – the need to use the strike as a launch pad for further action.

To do this we need to get leaflets out to workplaces and have campaigning stalls etc on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

But to do that that we need your help,
  • Can you spare an hour or two this week, in the day or evening, to leaflet or do a TUSC campaign stall?
  • Can you give out some leaflets in your workplace? – you don’t have to be upfront about it, you can just leave them where workmates will see them. It doesn’t matter whether your workplace is on strike or not.
  • You could give leaflets out to friends, leave some on buses, in shops – anywhere really.
  • You don’t have to collect leaflets – we can drop them off for you.

We will also need help on the day of the strike to give out leaflets on picket lines, on the streets and at the Strike Rally outside the Civic Centre in Stoke on Thursday from 11.30am onwards.

One supporter is taking the day off work on Thursday – can you do the same or for a few hours?

Can you get your union banner and take it along to a picket or to the rally?

Have you got any other ideas how we can build support for workers taking strike action on Thursday?
Please get in touch asap if you are able to do any of this stuff so we can plan how your valuable time can be put to good use.

You can call or text  us on 07845893607 any time

Fight ’till we win!
Build for a 24 hour general strike

J10 – striking against low pay
Over a million public sector workers are taking strike action to demand an end to the pay freeze. Public sector pay has been virtually frozen since 2010, meaning inflation has cut 16% out of the value of a pay packet.
But the super-rich are not touched. Britain now ‘boasts’ 104 billionaires, with a collective wealth of £301 billion, up by more than a fifth in a year. To add insult to injury it’s reported that their cost of living is actually falling. Prices for caviar and fine wines are dropping.

We pay the price
Almost half a million local government workers earn less than the living wage, set at £7.65 or £8.80 in London. This is not enough to live a decent life – but is more than the measly current £6.31 minimum wage level.
Unison, GMB and Unite are calling for a pay rise of £1 an hour for local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. That would mean that workers on the lowest scale wages would rise to £7.45 an hour.
The Socialist Party gives its backing to this campaign – but we also go further. We argue for a campaign for the immediate implementation of the living wage a step towards a minimum wage of £10 an hour with no exceptions, and with regular increases to cover price rises. At their recent national conferences the demand for £10 an hour was taken up by the BFAWU bakers’ union and the GMB.
A higher minimum wage needs to be part of a programme of other measures, including a major investment in job creation, an end to zero-hour contracts, the introduction of rent controls and the construction of new council housing.
But, if we are to win, J10 must be a step in a determined campaign of action. Workers have shown their determination to struggle time and again. Two million walked out in de-fence of pensions in mass coordinated strike action on 30 November 2011.
But their courage has not been matched by the right-wing trade union leaders who, instead of building on the big success and popularity of the strike, settled for a few crumbs. That gave the Con-Dems and their big business masters the confidence to relentlessly turn the screw in pushing down workers’ pay and conditions.

First step
The 10 July strike is another opportunity to launch a battle against austerity. In doing so, the unions could draw behind them millions of unorganised workers and all those suffering from these brutal cuts.
Unison has already named 9 and 10 September as the next dates for action in this pay strike. They should be the next steps in mass coordinated strike action, building for a 24-hour general strike that can smash the pay freeze. This will open up the prospect of defeating this government of the 1%.
It is understandable that some workers are sceptical about the prospects for this struggle given the woeful role of the right-wing trade union leaders in recent years. However, the only way to defeat the attacks of the employers and the government is to determinedly set out to organise and fight until we win. The strike on 10 July is an important first step.
The best way to keep pressure on the union leaderships is by building the broad lefts, democratic fighting left organisations in the trade unions, through organising local strike committees and involving more members in the activity and structures of the unions.
  • The link below is to a more in depth article from this week’s Socialist

Friday, 4 July 2014


photo Arti
The coordinated action over local government pay on 10 July will bring 1.5 million workers out on strike from across public sector unions More…
After all the attacks on our living standards by this vicious ConDem government it’s vitally important that we now use the public sector strike on 10 July to mobilise wider layers of workers by urgently preparing for a sustained campaign of national industrial action”. Jim Reading – Stafford NUT
“TUSC is backing this strike 100%.  July 10th must be used as a springboard for the further action that will inevitably be necessary to defeat this government. If the TUC fails to name the date for an escalation of strike action then the unions that are willing to fight should do it instead”. Andy Bentley – TUSC Staffordshire Organiser
This day of strike action should be used to put pressure on the TUC to name the date for a 24 hour general strike against austerity”. Chris Parton – NUT rep
Fight Cuts, Back strikes, Vote TUSC
PCS Picket lines starting at 7am;
  • Hanley Benefit Office & HMRC – Albion Sq, Hanley
  • Hanley Job Centre, Huntbach St
  • Kidsgrove Job Centre, The Avenue, Kidsgrove
  • Newcastle Job Centre
pickets start 7am
All support welcome.
Main PCS focus Albion Square
PCS Speaker at Kingsway, Stoke Rally 12:00 (speakers 12:30) – please join us.

Thursday 10th July 12.00 noon – 1.30 pm Kingsway, Stoke, ST4 1JH
On Thursday July 10th, millions of public sector workers, who have had enough of having their pay frozen or capped, will be on strike.
Unions on strike on the day will include GMB, NUT, PCS, UNISON and UNITE.
Local branches of these unions, based in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, will be rallying on Thursday 10th July, assembling at 12 noon in the Kingsway, Stoke, with speeches starting at 12.30. Speakers will include: • Jason Hill, President, North Staffordshire Trades Union Council • Clive Rushton, UNISON • Colin Griffiths, GMB • Simon Green, UNITE • Linda Goodwin, NUT • plus a speaker from the PCS
All are welcome to attend the rally with banners and placards.
Jason Hill, President of North Staffordshire Trades Union Council, said: “We are proud to take part in this rally, and express our solidarity with our affiliated trades union that will be on strike on July 10th. We need an economic recovery that works for everyone, not just those right at the top. Our trades unions are fighting for fair pay for all, in both the public and private sectors. Britain needs a pay rise.”
photo Arti
The coordinated action over local government pay on 10 July will bring 1.5 million workers out on strike from across public sector unions More…