Monday, 28 July 2014

On Saturday 26 July TUSC supporters got an even better response on our Longton campaign stall than the week before! We got about the same number of names on our petition in half the time of the week before.
TUSC 2014 cancer care sell-off Longton 002
At times there were queues forming. Many congratulated us on what we were doing. A fella from Meir told us, “It's about time somebody stood up to this government. It's a crime that the NHS trade union leaders are not doing the same”.

Another bloke graphically summed up the mood of millions across Britain when he blurted out, “Politicians. They want hanging, the lot of them!”

A Longton woman who came up to our stall last week was terrified that she was going to lose her home through bedroom tax and other accumulated arrears. She returned on Saturday to say an emotional thank you to TUSC supporter Denise for the advice that she gave to her. She told us how, by acting on this advice, that the threat of eviction had been prevented.
TUSC 2014 cancer care sell-off Longton 001
Our next Longton stall will take place tomorrow (Tues 29 July) at 10am in the Bennet Prescinct. All those who want to fight against the government's plans to sell-off £1.2 billion worth of cancer care in Staffordshire are welcome to come along and help out with petitioning, leafleting etc. We will be using TUSC petitions/leaflets and Cancer-Not for Profit petitions/leaflets

You can check out Cancer-Not for Profit here;