Tuesday, 6 January 2015

NHS Worker Matt Wright selected as TUSC General Election Candidate in Stoke South                 

Hanley NHS stall Feb 2010 001
Matt Wright campaigning to defend the NHS in August 2011

TUSC general election candidate Matt Wright was born, grew up and still lives in Longton. Matt is a real Socialist who has been a tireless campaigner for ordinary hard working people across the area for many years.
Matt says,
This isn’t the first time that I’ve stood as a TUSC candidate, but I’m pretty sure it’s the most important.
 In the 4 years since I stood in the last general election the Conservatives, aided by the Lib Dems, have set about dismantling our welfare state and public services with a wrecking ball.
The sad thing is that the party who’s supposed to represent ordinary working class people like myself, Labour, have offered no alternative to the march of endless cuts and austerity. In fact, in many councils across England it is Labour councillors who are doing the Tory’s dirty work for them by meekly passing on cuts to much needed services.
 I’ve worked in the NHS for 7 years and currently work in acute mental health. I work with a lot of people who have fallen through the cracks in society, cracks that have only grown larger under this government. During my time in the NHS I’ve seen services slashed and privatised with little regard to patient well-being or safety. Look where we are now, on the cusp of the whole cancer and end of life care pathway across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire being privatised. This would represent the single biggest sell-off of front line NHS services ever, and it’s right on our door step! Ask yourself this – if you were unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer would you want your care delivered by an organisation that exists solely to make a profit? 
 We are being force fed an endless mantra from all of the establishment political parties and the mass media that we need to make more cuts in our jobs and services with no end in sight. I’m proud to stand for TUSC that rejects this logic. While our services have been slashed and privatised the wealth of the richest in this country has skyrocketed. While MPs give themselves a 10% pay rise NHS workers and other government employees have had their pay frozen for 5 years – equal to a 10% pay cut. Half a million people have to depend on food banks in order to survive, and hundreds are dying after being declared fit to work and losing their benefits in the seventh richest country in the world.
This is a disgrace and I make no apologies for saying that I stand up for everyone who has been trampled under foot by this government of millionaires.
Photo Matt WrightI am standing to say that there is an alternative to endless cuts. Why should hard working people have to pay for a crisis caused by the super rich and the bail out of the bankers? I say we need to turn this around.
 For a start we need to collect the £120 billion in unpaid and avoided tax by big business. Doing this alone would make any cuts unnecessary. This would be further enforced by bringing banks and finance institutions into genuine public ownership under democratic control, instead of giving huge handouts to the very capitalists who caused the crisis.
If elected I would take only the average wage of a skilled worker in my area and produce regular details of expenses.
As an MP I would continue to campaign for an immediate end to zero hour contracts and for the minimum wage to be raised to £10 an hour now, with increases in line with inflation or wages, whichever is higher. Britain needs a pay rise!
I have campaigned for many years against Stoke-on-Trent city council’s continuing policy of meekly carrying out government cuts, closures and privatisation of our council jobs and services. As an MP I would use all powers available to me to demand instead that the city council works with council workers and the city’s residents to agree a budget based on the funding that we NEED to maintain and restore local services instead of what the government says we can have. That applies to ANY incoming government."
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